Technicolor to Acquire VFX Studio Mr. X

Technicolor has signed an agreement to acquire Mr. X, a leading North American provider of VFX to premier television and international film clients. Mr. X joins Technicolor’s Production Services division, which includes the Academy Award-winning MPC (The Moving Picture Company).

The acquisition expands Technicolor’s VFX services globally to high-end television and international film markets.  Mr. X and its clients will also be able to access Technicolor’s post production portfolio, proven operational excellence and leading technology solutions.    

“I am incredibly proud of our people and the business and brand equity we have built,” said Dennis Berardi, President and co-founder, Mr. X. “By joining forces with Technicolor’s Production Services division, we will have greater scale, resources and access to cutting edge technology and R&D to serve our clients and to continue to grow the business.”

Mr. X currently employs over 200 professionals in Toronto and New York and provides design and pre-visualization, 3D animation, CGI effects, compositing, VFX supervision and production management services. Mr. X has worked or is currently working on major television series such as “Vikings” for the History Channel, “Penny Dreadful” for Showtime and Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming “The Strain” for FX; as well as feature films including “RoboCop,” “Anchorman: The Legend Continues” and the highly successful ”Resident Evil” franchise for Constantin Film.

The acquisition remains subject to approval by the Government of Canada’s Department of Canadian Heritage.

DP Lights v2.0 - Redefining On-Set Color Grading

DP Lights™ v2.0  is Technicolor’s real-time color correction system for onset use.  It has evolved from the original system that has been used on over 120 projects for both feature films and episodic television over the last six years.  DPLv2 now offers a custom iPad interface that untethers the Director of Photography with wireless real-time access to stills, streaming HD video, and on-set color correction.   Fully compliant with the ASC CDL and ACES, DP Lights™ guarantees the consistency of looks from color corrected dailies to final deliverable.

Sound Advancements at Technicolor Toronto

Technicolor’s commitment to provide our clients and creative teams with the latest technology doesn’t stop.  As we near completion of our three year plan to integrate our audio production workflow, everyone has been working around the clock to install new consoles in mixing stages 8, 10 and Theater One. Technicolor Toronto will be the first facility in North America to have a pair of the Avid S6 consoles which complement our existing D-Command and D-Control installations.  The Avid S6 has taken the best features of the previous generation ICON and implemented them into new customizable mixing consoles with far greater flexibility.  The high-resolution display screens and Pro-Tools waveform scrolling allow for a more ergonomic layout, efficient workflow and greater compatibility with the Euphonix System 5.

The first show to use the new console is Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain. “The audio nuances and subtleties I am hearing in the episodic mixes of The Strain are nothing short of feature quality that will certainly extend into all its distribution and format platforms.  Any show mixing on stages with these consoles and in the hands of skilled mixers working complex tracks, will exhibit a noticeable bump up in quality. The addition of these consoles and new speaker systems shows a significant commitment to audio post and sends a clear message that Technicolor is serious about creating and maintaining a second-to-none world class facility in Toronto.  What was great has now gotten even better” , said Richard J. Anobile, Associate Producer, The Strain.

 The power of the Avid S6’s and the Euphonix System 5 is a welcome upgrade for our mixers and clients alike.  The new systems also allow for data sharing throughout our mixing stages and  the trusted Technicolor Production Network (TPN) provides worldwide connectivity to our other locations, including Technicolor at Paramount in Los Angeles.

“In our Theatre One, the installation of the Euphonix System 5 console provides us with an unsurpassed console capable of taking advantage of a seamless flow-through process for all automation and audio file usage. The System 5 is the perfect blend of true audio console combined with comprehensive DAW plug-in control. It also gives us full compatibility with our Hollywood Paramount facility’s operation which includes everything from television series to large format and theatrical features”, said Manager of Sound Services, James Porteous.

For more information about our complete Audio Service offering contact James Porteous, Audio Post Manager.

La Petite Reine

La Petite Reine is a film inspired by the life of Geneviève Jeanson, a well-known and controversial French Canadian cyclist. Directed by Alexis Durand-Brault ("Ma Fille Mon Ange” and "La Galère"), La Petite Reine is produced by Richard Lalonde of Forum films and distributed by les Films Seville.

Technicolor Montreal provided complete post services for La Petite Reine. Technicolor’s Senior Colourist - Nico Iliès graded the project, the online-editing was completed by Serge Harvey and Stefanie Guadagnino produced the DI. The colour grading played an integral role in this project,  “It was important to keep the mood as bright and realistic as possible without bringing a dramatic or dark feeling to the movie”, said Ilies.

Technicolor’s Stephane Bergeron created the sound mix for the film.  He worked closely with Christian Rivest to capture the essence of cycling by recreating the metallic nuances of a race. Bergeron also worked with the music composer Dazmo, “It was important to ensure conformity between the sound effects of cycling and the overall score”, said Bergeron.

La Petite Reine is currently in theatres across Quebec.


Technicolor Montreal Centralizes at 2101 St. Catherine West

Good news! The Technicolor Montreal team will soon be conveniently united under the same roof this summer at 2101 St. Catherine Street West. As a one-stop shop for on location, dailies, picture, sound, packaging, versioning, distribution and 3D, Technicolor will preserve its position as the leading authority in post-production services in Canada. A significant investment has been made to provide cutting edge technology to the local and international film and television industries. Technicolor Montreal is committed to offering award-winning, market-leading services for theatrical and broadcast content. Stay tuned!

Technicolor Montreal's Presence at the Cannes Film Festival

Technicolor Montreal provided services on two films at the Cannes Film festival: Léolo (1992-Jean-Claude Lauzon) and short film Petit Frère (2014 - Rémi St-Michel).

On May 15th 2014, twenty two years after being selected for the Palme d’Or, Léolo was given a tribute screening in the Cannes Classics category during the prestigious Cannes film festival. The Cannes Classics category presents movies and masterpieces of cinema history in restored formats. Technicolor provided the digitized restoration and colour grading services of the late movie director’s classic, a project lead by Éléphant: Mémoires du Cinéma Québécois. It was a great moment for the Québec film industry.

The talent of Quebec’s short film industry was well represented during Cannes’ critic week.  Petit Frère (directed Rémi St-Michel) was selected for best short film. The young film director was awarded  “Technicolor’s Favorite Short” in 2013 at Le Festival du Film de la Relève, a short film festival in Montreal that celebrates up and coming film directors.