HR Corner

STEP 2016

The deadline for completing your 2016 objectives is March 25, 2016


-Be familiar with Technicolor's Drive 2020 strategic objectives. Consider how your job functions align with the greater global strategy and other corporate initiatives, and reflect that in your personal objectives

-Set a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 performance objectives.

  • A performance objective has 3 parts: description, measurement criteria and weight
  • The minimum weight for a performance objective is 10%
  • The sum of the weight of all the objectives must be 100%

-Setting one behavioral objective is mandatory for all employees
-For managers and supervisors: setting one people management objective aligned to Technicolor’s values is mandatory.

-Members of the operational excellence projects groups have one mandatory performance objective based on the project. This objective is set and communicated by the project group sponsors.

-One of the performance objectives can be based on the division/corporate function priorities and guidelines for next year expressed by the EXCom member in charge of the division/function. In that case, this objective represents 10% of the STEP.

Click HERE to access the STEP tools and templates

Click HERE for the STEP online tool

Please reach out to HR if you have any questions!

Hospitality Happens

St. Patrick's Day Party / Pulse Meet-and-Greet

We look forward to a very festive St. Patrick’s Day here at Technicolor. On March 17th, we will be celebrating with a meet-and-greet of our Technicolor Pulse team! There’s always gold from the beginning to the end of your project using the Pulse platform. Be sure to stop by for drinks, festive appetizers, and lots of networking with colleagues...and there may just be some shenanigans too! Details to come. Be on the lookout for leprechauns and more information.  

Tallulah's Meeting

Our favorite mentor of office etiquette is back at it! Tallulah Technicolor recently attended a meeting with our very own Mary Vinette and noticed some ‘unsavory’ behavior. Below are tips from Tallulah to make your meeting more efficient and informative:

  • Be attentive and take away knowledge. Make the most of your time in the meeting. 
  • Push in your chair when you’re leaving.
  • Leave the room tidy for the next meeting. Call hospitality if food needs to be cleared and we'll take care of it.
  • Always be mindful of the timeframe left. Someone is always waiting to get into the room following your meeting. 
  • Schedule and plan ahead. Last minute bookings mean you may not get the room you desire.

 Challenge Accepted

Congratulations to the STEPPERS who participated in our first quarter challenge! Many people have asked about a new challenge - do you have any ideas?  Maybe a "flights of stairs" challenge? The stairwells here at Technicolor provide not only a quick alternative to the elevator, but some great cardio as you race from session to session. I've learned that the stair walkers are a secret society, and welcome everyone! Let me know your thoughts, and let's come up with a second quarter challenge! Stair flights are winning so far...what do you think?

Meal Approval

Just a friendly reminder that all employees must get approval from their supervisor and/or operations for any meal ordered via hospitality. Please be sure to check with a hospitality member for restauraunt choices at each facility. Meals are for employees that cannot get away at lunchtime, so please do not abuse the privledge. Check with Tony in hospitality if you have any questions.  

Get to Know...Sherri Potter

Since 2008, Sherri’s role at Technicolor has continued to evolve from Vice President North American Sales, to Operations and Production, to Vice President World Wide Post Production Customer Service to running the LA Post Business and finally to her most recent role, Head of Post Production World Wide.

Sherri began her career working at a small post production house in the city of Edmonton, Canada.  After six years she realized that in order to further her career, she needed to be in Vancouver. Vancouver was considered the “Hollywood of the North” and in 1999, Sherri accepted a sales position with Alpha Cine Laboratory and Command Post/Toybox West Picture Post. With Vancouver being so prolific for the LA market she found herself traveling to LA on a monthly basis ensuring relationships were built on a solid foundation thus establishing herself in both markets. Technicolor acquired Alpha Cine Laboratory and Command Post/Toybox in 2004 and by 2008, after a lot of persuading by past Technicolor Presidents, Sherri left her hometown of Canada and relocated to Los Angeles.  Sherri traveled around the world to Technicolor facilities and other various production locations ensuring clients received the support that was necessary from Technicolor. Today, Sherri is the Head of Post Production World Wide.  Her leadership and ability to create high performance teams continue to contribute to Technicolor’s global initiatives in the Post Production market. She has been part of so many incredible projects over the years but her favorite thing about her career has been the diversity she has experienced and learning how to adapt in an evolving industry. 

Outside of work, Sherri loves new adventures and expanding on her interests such as food, wine and travel.  Sherri doesn’t own any pets but shares her time, interests and adventures with her fun loving family by her side - Peter, Sherri’s Fiancé; Samantha, Sherri’s daughter, age 26; and Sherri’s two “bonus babies,” as she calls them - Ryan, age 19 and Ashley, age 15.

“I learn so much from my kids,” Sherri says, “I love spending quality time with my family, broadening all of our horizons.”

Sherri’s favorite holiday is Christmas as she enjoys the many traditions it brings including decorating the house, entertaining, egg nog lattés, giving back to the community and spending time with friends and family.  One person that Sherri would love to meet if she could is her Fiancé’s father who passed away 22+ years ago. When asked what she would do for a day if money were no object, Sherri said she would fly all of her family and friends to a destination she’s not yet been and have a huge party. 

Sherri’s motivation and drive to work hard stems from feelings of satisfaction once her goals are achieved. She sees her glass as half full and has always been a positive person. Her friends would describe her as strong, busy, loyal, enthusiastic and caring. If there were such things as Human Warning Labels, Sherri’s might say, “CAUTION: High Energy, Especially In Mornings!” Things that get under her skin include laziness and people that just don’t care. A healthy fear of Sherri’s is not knowing what she will do to ensure her success in a world and industry that is changing so rapidly, but she knows she will have fun trying to figure it out.

One piece of advice that Sherri would give to a younger version of herself would be, “Life is a giant opportunity – seize the moments!”

New and Upcoming Releases

With the turn of daylight savings time, we see some fantastic new releases in theaters and on TV. Check out some of the new releases, with services provided by Technicolor!

Theatrical Releases

March 25, 2016 - My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

March 31, 2016 - The Huntsman: Winter's War

April 15, 2016 - The Jungle Book

Television / Streaming

March 16, 2016 - Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

April 1, 2016 - Banshee


March 13, 2016 (France premiere on Disney XD) - Atomic Puppet

March 14, 2016 (UK premiere on CBBC) - The Deep


St. Patrick's Day Traditions

There's more to St. Patrick's Day than drinking green beer and chasing leprachauns. Below are some ideas to make this year's holiday one for the books:

-Talk in an Irish accent all day long.

-Enjoy a feast of corned beef, cabbage and Lucky Charms.

-Check out a local St. Patrick's Day parade...or start your own!

-Listen to every Thin Lizzy album, in sequential order. If you prefer angsty 90s music, listen to the Cranberries - they're Irish too!

-Discover inventive new ways to cook a potato. Have you heard of a Hassleback potato? Google it - it looks amazing.

-Binge-watch the third season of Sons of Anarchy. I hope they find Abel!

-Be a rebel and DON'T wear green. What's the worst that could happen...?

-Watch a marathon of The Leprachaun movies.


Happy St. Patrick's Day - have a fun and safe holiday, everyone!

Star Unveiling

Please join us as we celebrate Technicolor's 100 Year Anniversary! On March 30th, the celebration begins with a breakfast for employees, followed by the very special unveiling of Technicolor's Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Star!

The schedule is as follows:

March 30, 2016
9:00am - 10:00am - Breakfast in SGS lobby
10:00am - Hollywood Chamber Star Unveiling

See you there!