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Happy New Year!


As a reminder,

(i-Pay: If you do forget your password, try to reset it by clicking on “Forgot your Password?” and follow the instructions.   If you have a problem resetting it, send an e-mail to You will receive a response within 1 working days.)

The IRS delayed the deadline for employers to send out the new benefit tax Form 1095.   We are targeting to make these available online for employees who consent for electronic copy and mail out to employees who don’t provide consent.  The forms will be ready in the second ½ of February. Employees will not be required to have the Form 1095 to complete their 2015 Tax Filing.

If you need to update your W4 for 2016, please fill out, sign and send your completed form to

Technicolor Slim Down 2016

Keep your eye out for information regarding “Technicolor Slim Down 2016” administered by VEEP!

One of the world’s top nutrition and health experts, Robert Reames, Head Trainer and Nutritionist of the Dr. Phil Show for nine seasons and national spokesperson for Gold’s Gym, will be at SGS to help motivate employees to begin the journey to permanent lifestyle change using the VEEP system!

Details to follow - don’t miss out on this opportunity!

*Seminar will be recorded and made available online for all employees*

Get to Know...PAVEL DVORAK

Meet Pavel Dvorak, data manager at Technicolor Hollywood.

Pavel started his journey in the entertainment industry in 1997 at Cinesite. Here, he quickly learned the movie-making environment and utilized his computer science background to develop new software tools to improve data workflows. The ever-changing workflow demand kept him interested and busy - first from handling VFX shots, then Digital Intermediates, to now constantly changing digital camera formats. Cinesite was later integrated into Laser Pacific, which then was acquired by Technicolor in 2011.

Pavel grew up in Germany. Because his parents frequently moved, he was able to experience a variety of German cities and cultures: from Paderborn in the north, to Stuttgart in the south, to Kaiserslautern in the west. Soon after the German Wall came down, he was asked to join a vocational school in East Germany to train former GDR residents in developing computer skills. This was his first encounter with a communist governed society, and he was blown away by their warm hospitality and open hearts.

Since then, he has enjoyed living and working in Los Angeles. One of his greatest experiences working in Hollywood was helping to develop Laser Pacific’s first digital camera workflow for Tron: Legacy.

When Pavel is not at work, he enjoys photography, kicking back and watching TV, and going beer tasting. He appreciates the fine work of director John Hughes and can quote Ferris Bueller’s Day Off word for word. His favorite place to travel is Hawai’i, especially the island of Kaua’l. Although he’s never owned a pet, he loves dogs. Strawberry is his go-to ice cream, and his favorite color is pink. Dream Academy is his favorite band, and nothing beats his mom’s cooking!   

If he could give his younger self a piece of advice, he’d tell him to “be less shy, and to embrace life and the opportunities that he has been given.”

One more word of advice from Pavel – “Dance, like nobody’s watching!”

New Releases

A new year means new movies in theaters and new series to binge-watch. Be sure to tune into the titles Technicolor worked on!

Theatrical Releases

1.18.16 - The Masked Saint 
Dailies, color finishing

1.8.16 -  The Revenant
Dailies, color finishing, VFX, marketing services

2.8.16 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: Sword of Destiny
Color finishing (Technicolor Postworks NY)

2.26.16 – Triple 9
Color finishing (Technicolor Postworks NY)


2.2.16 - American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson
Sound services

2.11.16 - Scandal
Dailies, color finishing, editorial

2.11.16 - How to Get Away with Murder
Dailies, color finishing, editorial

2.15.16 - 11.22.63
Sound services


What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Hospitality Happens

Valentines Day Sweethearts Soiree

February 12th, Hospitality will host our annual Sweethearts Soiree! We encourage you to bring in cookies, cakes, candies, and sweets to share on our lobby table. Slow jams will echo in the lobby starting at 3:30pm. Come down and BE OUR VALENTINE! 

Office Etiquette 101 with Tallulah Technicolor

During a recent tour of our facility, Tallulah overlooked a few rules that were broken in office etiquette.   Quick to help, here are some tips from Tallulah!

Microwave Use:

  • Place a paper towel over your food to avoid spattering.
  • Dampen your paper towel cover to keep your food moist!
  • Clean up any spills.

Refrigerator Refinement:                  

  • Always be sure the door is shut behind you.  
  • Did you clean any spill you caused?
  • Don’t take what is not yours!
  • Label your items, or Tallulah will steal them on Friday, including the container!                    

Elevator Landings:

  • Allow your colleagues to exit the elevator before barging in!
  • If closest to the buttons, ask where everyone is heading, politely!
  • Assist anyone around who may be carrying a cumbersome load.                                               

Pantry Politeness:

  • Clean up any mess you create, including shutting cabinets and drawers.
  • Push in your chair. Just push it in!
  • Don’t be afraid to call x6945 if something is out and needs restocking.