What is Marketing Services?

Play With The Best

Marketing Services is a boutique department that provides premier trailer and television spot finishing. Reinforced with the global capabilities of Technicolor worldwide, we are are in a unique position to manage the most complex and time sensitive workflows and campaigns. With our cutting edge technology and dedicated team of producers, editors, mixers, and colorists, along with access to Technicolor’s Feature colorists, our group can handle any of your needs. Technicolor Marketing Services is always at the forefront of digital workflow evolutions.

Currently at SGS, Marketing Services has the following dedicated resources:

  • 1 x 2K DI Suite (2k/4k/2D/3D)
  • 6 x Smoke Online Editorial
  • 2 x Audio Mixing Bays
  • Numerous Final Cut Systems


Marketing Services has conformed some of the industry’s most exciting trailers and TV spots.

We have 6 dedicated Smoke® bays that run on the most current Autodesk® software ensuring that the intricate workflows created in production never costs you valuable configuration time.

Some of the industry’s best editors conform hundreds of trailers and TV spots for us yearly. In addition, we have a team of talented VFX artists available for MPAA fixes and wire and rig removals.

Our Team

Dedicated resources means more than just having the infrastructure. It means that we have people who are well-respected experts in our industry working specifically on your marketing needs. Our editors are quick, detail oriented and have a great baseline for color. Our colorists specialize in marketing color and our mixers are efficient and savvy in broadcast audio standards. We offer dedicated producers to manage and support your entire campaign.

And when the time comes to send the work to digital cinema, Technicolor Marketing Services offers a seamless transition. By working within the Technicolor network, transparency and confidence comes with the familiarity of the project. You can also easily take advantage of the Trail-Mix service offered by our Digital Cinema team. Regardless of how you optimize Technicolor, we can work within extremely tight trailer finishing deadlines, getting the most out of every moment of your timeline.


Since our re-entry into TV spot finishing over three years ago, Technicolor Marketing Services has mixed thousands of TV spots as well as multiple trailers and NCM pieces.

We have two dedicated Pro Tools® mix bays that are both 5.1 and Stereo capable- running on the most current version of Pro Tools®. Our experienced sound mixer has almost 20 years of experience and has worked on several campaigns for Relativity, The Weinstein Company, Lionsgate, Netflix, Film District and many more.



Color Correction

With the rapid turnaround times necessary in our world, we run a fully dedicated DI suite within the Technicolor Hollywood facility that is paired with two dedicated colorists who specialize in marketing color.

Your DI suite is equipped for both 2K and HD content as well as 2D and 3D viewing.

To further accommodate the fluidity of your Marketing needs, our “Tech-2-Tech” technology connects you with any of our Technicolor creative houses around the world for real-time remote color grading. If the studio executive or creative talent is near one of our ten creative houses, they can easily connect for this cutting edge solution.