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With over ten years of expertise and leadership in the Connected Home and now in the Digital Life markets, Technicolor is a trusted partner to empower MSOs and telcos to deliver new experiences to their subscribers at home and thus open up new business opportunities.

With Technicolor solutions and know-how, you have an opportunity to integrate the latest technologies such as HDR or DOCSIS 3.1 into your products and services offering to improve the overall content experience in the home.

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4K High Dynamic Range

Deliver a stunning entertainment experience to your subscribers thanks to Technicolor latest E2E HDR solution, a high-quality and efficient technique that renders stunning image realism with richer colors and higher contrasts. Embedded into a Technicolor 4Kp60 set-top box, Technicolor demonstrates a real CPE implementation ready for field test.

The box decodes both HDR and standard dynamic range (SDR) versions of the same content using Technicolor’s backwards-compatible, single-stream HEVC solution for HDR delivery and integrate seamlessly with content graded to the open standards of the UHD Alliance.

Over-The-Top Experience

Technicolor redefines the OTT concept with a versatile E2E offering including video platform, intuitive software and innovative IP/OTT clients for an enriched end-user experience. Consumer can enjoy live, VoD and Web content in a single platform.

Technicolor’s MediaPlay SLIM Ultra HD OTT Ultra-Thin set-top box delivers powerful OTT services and liveTV over WLAN networks using a dual band 2x2 802.11ac Wi-Fi solution to display HEVC HD and Ultra HD HEVC 4Kp30 video.

With a truly innovative Industrial Design concept, Technicolor’s MediaPlay SKIPPER is a next-generation, powerful hybrid OTT/DVB platform to run live TV, online video content, games and apps.


Next Gen. Digital Network

In its next generation broadband devices and services, Technicolor leverages a set of technologies and tools to optimize speed and service delivery from head-end to home.

Gainspeed-Technicolor Virtual CCPAP E2E solution reduces network complexity and maintenance costs and is fully interoperable with all our Technicolor cable modems and gateways.

DOCSIS 3.1 MediaAccess TC4400 cable modem provides Fiber speed services and bandwidth saving for cable operators ready for the next technology turn.

The Wi-Fi Doctor toolkit addresses wireless issues at home using a comprehensive back-end solution for operators to provide network check-up, detailed diagnosis, cure prescription, and health records for future references. The Wi-Fi Doctor is up and ready for implementation in our next generation cable gateway family: MediaAccess TC8717, MediaAccess TC8737 and MediaAccess TC8757.

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