What Marketing Mine can do for you

Marketing Mine is Technicolor’s new Marketing Asset Repository and will replace the current Media Library. This is your new online companion to access to all marketing assets available at Technicolor, from anywhere.

All available Technicolor marketing assets can be found here: images, office documents, brochures, datasheets, presentations etc. Thanks to intelligent search capabilities, you can easily and conveniently download assets from Media Mine menu.



You have the advantage of:
- quick and extensive search options,
- clear display of search hits,
- customized storage structures via favourites and collections,
- easy access to all common image file formats,
- access from anywhere without the need to be connected to the Technicolor network (no VPN access required).

Get a quick access to your assets

Simply click on Media Mine to find your assets by asset type (brochure, datasheet etc.) and/or using the search tool. Then if you go to "saved search" you can access all collaterals for a given product.

Get a direct access to brand guidelines and templates clicking on Brand Guidelines.

View published collaterals for an event clicking on Events.


Who can access to Marketing Mine

Marketing Mine is today limited to marketing people and customer facing organizations.It is launched with a limited number of accounts so:

- sales and pre sales managers have a personal access

- other customer facing managers will have a group access

You can share a link with your contacts: they do not need any specific access to open the documents. Just pay attention to the confidentiality type of the document: internal use only, or external use.

Get your login information

A separate email will be sent to you with your login information.


User guide and Webex presentation

Take the time to read the user guide: you will learn different ways to search for a document and others tips.

Click here

In the following days, you will receive an invitation for a half-an-hour WEBEX presentation scheduled on the 30th of June.






Note that MediaLibrary will not be available anymore from July, 1st 2015

All key documents have been transferred to Marketing Mine. However if you do not find a particular asset, please contact us.

Boxnet is still available.