New Business Opportunities

If you want to tap into the Connected Home and Connected Life markets, there are 4 key domains you need to focus on and master, if you want to be able to differentiate:  

  • Video and OTT: From working on 75% of global blockbuster movies to delivering the world’s first large scale 4K experiences at home, no-one knows more about video than Technicolor and the latest immersive video and OTT experiences .Find out more in the “Video and OTT Excellence” section.
  • Home Network: To ensure the best video/OTT experience, you need a top notch Connectivity inside the home. This is a key component to win the battle for subscribers and for differentiation. Through its latest range of LTE Gateways and whole suite of tools to manage the connectivity and user experience Technicolor brings you its home networking and wireless expertise. Find out more in the “Connectivity Excellence” section.
  • Digital Life Services: Take your share of the IoT market thanks to IZE, Technicolor’s brand of innovative smart life solutions, available on all screens, including TV. This is the only platform of the kind that delivers a turn-key digital life experience over LTE networks.Check it out in the “Digital Life Services” section.
  • Capability to integrate the latest and most suited technologies to enable the same best-in-class content experience at home as on-the-go.

With over ten years of expertise and leadership in the Connected Home and now in the Digital Life markets, Technicolor is a trusted partner to empower mobile operators to deliver new experiences to their subscribers at home and thus open up new business opportunities.

With Technicolor solutions, you have an opportunity to use LTE roll-outs to offer services that improve the overall content experience in the home.

Meet our Thought Leaders

On The Future Trust internal and external thought leaders and tech influencers share their viewpoints about the latest technology developments and their impact on the media and entertainment industry as well as on the daily users digital lives.

Come and learn about the most pressing business questions on your mind, interact with us by discussing the articles, white papers, videos and interviews about Mobility. Other topics such as Immersive Experiences or Internet of Things can also be of interest for you.

Video and OTT Excellence

Monetize a differentiated entertainment and user experiences to your subscriber’s base and deliver best-in-class OTT services thanks to our:

  • Versatile OTT set-top boxes for hybrid LTE/DVB or LTE/IPTV networks: MediaPlay SVELTE
  • Revolutionary OTT ultra-thin IP client with single wire connection: MediaPlay SLIM

Digital Life Services

Discover how ize can change the life of your subscribers. It is the only smart home solution that leverages 4G networks as well as the TV screen, and exploits the Qeo/Allseen framework’s full potential. This solution bundles an OTT hub with a simple and powerful suite of digital concierge services.  

You can also have a deeper understanding of the industry challenges in the “Internet Of Things” section of The Future Trust.

Connectivity Excellence

Open up new business opportunities and offer a top quality of service thanks to our: