Who we are

We transition. convert and deliver your media assets.

Whether you have media libraries and archives on tape that you want to convert to digital files (encode). 

Or archives of digital files that need translating into a different file types (transcode) we create a bespoke workflow to ensure that your media is transferred and delivered efficiently and securely. 



We encode from any type of tape; HD CAM SR, Digi Beta, BETA SP, DVC Pro etc... 

We carry out rigorous pre-qualification process to check the source material and highlight any potential issues early on

We package the moving image with ancillary files to create your final master, ie subtitles, scripts, metadata etc

We perform standards conversions

We perform Harding's test, compliance editing, re-mastering, versioning, language and audio conforming


We transcode assets from one file type to another

We are DPP compliant

We can add time code, subtitles, logo burn in and a degree of audio level adjustment

Our transcoding capacity expansion can range from 2-6 weeks depending on the project

We deliver digitally via a secure 10GB line

We are an iTunes certified and preferred vendor

World Wide Services


Technicolor Showcase

Technicolor Showcase is a cloud-based portal that centralizes our distribution services modules while providing unprecedented content security with Content Armor™.  The result is content access and sharing- anywhere, anytime and on any platform.

Your subscription is scalable and tailored to your content needs including premium services.