Workflows & Consultation

Efficiency- what we strive to provide through working with the best color scientists in the world and our premiere team of engineers and developers.  Regardless of your camera choice, shooting location or schedule, our team can:

  • Create unique color pipelines
  • Create near-set screening environments
  • Calibrate monitors throughout video village
  • Ensure that your content can move securely through our production network anywhere in the world
  • Build unique storage and infrastructure support that scales to your specific needs

We plan, anticipate, and manage so you can focus on delivering the story.

New Innovations

For nearly 100 years, Technicolor has been at the forefront of entertainment technology. Here are a few of the new innovations we're excited about:

DP Lights v2.0 – Control the color pipeline with your fingertips.

  • Custom iPad Interface
  • A complete stills store
  • ASC CDL & ACES compatibility
  • Displays camera metadata
  • Supports multi-camera

Ultra HD - It goes beyond the resolution; and we have the proven and tested workflows to handle your UHD needs.

  • Extended range of colors - Wide color gamut
  • Better image fluidity - High frame rate
  • Enhanced realism - High dynamic range
  • Higher precision - color depth
  • Audio immersion

Marketing Services

Technicolor Marketing Services is a boutique department that provides premier trailer and television spot finishing. Utilizing our dedicated team of producers, editors, mixers and colorists, along with Technicolor’s feature colorists, our group is uniquely positioned to manage the most complex and time-sensitive workflow and campaign needs.


  • Dedicated DI suite with 2 colorists who specialize in marketing color
  • Tech-to-Tech real-time remote color grading
  • Industry’s top color science team


  • 6 Smoke bays with Autodesk software


  • 2 Pro Tools mix bays, 5.1 and stereo-capable

Sound Services

At Technicolor, our offering of sound services will help bring your vision to life.

  • Re-Recording Mixing – 9 stages of various sizes to accommodate any project, plus editing rooms and client lounges
  • Remote Picture QC – Capability to receive and playback work-in-progress footage from outside post houses (VFX, DI), in real time within all sound mixing environments. All screens are calibrated by Technicolor's color science team, including one stage outfitted with a perforated silver screen.
  • ADR & Foley – 2 large ADR stages and 1 Foley stage, giving our award-winning Foley artists access to multiple surfaces, water tanks, sound isolation booths, and wide array of props
  • Sound Design & Editorial – 10 sound design rooms and 20 sound editorial rooms
  • Transfer & Layback – Equipped to handle all the latest multi-format audio needs
  • Other Services:
    • DVD Audio & Restoration
    • Remote audio installation at any location worldwide for mixing, sound editorial and ADR

Worldwide Offering

Beyond theatrical, Technicolor offers an array of post-production services at locations around the globe, providing the resources you need to successfully complete your projects.

Worldwide Services

* Los Angeles * New York * Vancouver * Toronto * Montreal * London * Paris * Mexico City * Bangalore *

We are anywhere you need us to be; contact us for more information.

Meet Our Talent

The heart of each Technicolor facility is our tremendous team of professionals who are dedicated to bringing stories to life. Our theatrical team is comprised of the world’s most talented and award-winning colorists, mixers, editors, and VFX artists.

Learn more about our fantastic talent HERE

And for your viewing pleasure - click 'play' to watch our second annual Technicolor team video!