Sound services at Soho is an immersive audio experience. Our newly refitted sound suites are a comfortable and secure environment that allows you to be creative with cutting edge technology.

Technicolor has been offering post production for broadcast and film out of Lexington Stret for over ten years. Our level of knowledge and experience in the industry means that you can feel confident that our sound talent will ensure your production is top quality.

Suite Specs:

Suite 1
Dolby approved (trailers/commercials)
Avid D-Control, HDX2 Protools Rig using Focusrite Rednet interfaces, HD projection, 7.1 Monitoring

Plugins (selected): Waves Platinum, Altiverb, Speakerphone, Dolby Media Meter, Pitch'n'Time, iZotope RX

Mix (Broadcast, Trailers & Commercials)

Suite 2
Dolby approved (trailers/commercials)
Avid D-Command, HDX2 Protools Rig using Focusrite Rednet interfaces, HD projection, 7.1 Monitoring

Plugins (selected): Source Connect, Waves Platinum, Altiverb, Speakerphone, Dolby Media Meter, Pitch'n'Time, iZotope RX

Microphones (including): Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH60, AKG 414
Microphone preamps (including): Millennia, Focusrite Rednet 4

Mix (Broadcast, Trailers & Commercials)
ADR (fully floated room)
Source Connect


Our award-winning Sound Services team have collaborated with top directors and producers in the theatrical and broadcast world.

Operating in newly refurbished suites from the heart of Soho is a team that truly understands how vital a high-quality soundtrack is to your production.

Using the latest technologies, our goal is to ensure that we provide the best sound immersion experiences for modern audiences.

Our Sound Services talent includes:

Gareth James Bull, Head of Sound at Technicolor London.

2014 Broadcast HotShot winner, Jules Woods, Re-recording Mixer

Richard Straker, Re-recording Mixer



Our recently refurbished sound suites are multipurpose and can accomodate a wide variety of projects.

Technicolor are proud to offer end to end audio solutions at our Soho Sound Facility:

  •  Sound design
  •  Sound re-recording
  •  Foreign language mixing
  •  ADR
  •  Dubbing 

We offer worldwide, high speed connectivity that allows the exchange of audio and mix files easily. We also have the capability to run real-time ADR and playback sessions using talent in London and other parts of the world.

We believe in the strength of our sound talent and our ability to deliver to your vision, and a testament to that are the number of high profile projects and clients Technicolor services.

Contacts & Directions

Sound Services at Technicolor, London

Based in Soho, Sound Services provides comprehensive support for your projects.


28-32 Lexington Street,

+44 207 319 4900


Theatrical Sales                                         Broadcast Sales

Matt Adams                                               Lou Stevenson       

+44 20 7319 4944                                      +44 20 7319 4900          

matt.adams@technicolor.com                      louise.stevenson@technicolor.com



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Beyond sound, Technicolor offers an array of post-production services at locations around the globe. We are dedicated to your creative vision and commited to help you meet each of your objectives.

From front end to DI, you can rely on Technicolor expertise for digital workflows tailored to your specific needs. From set to any screen, Technicolor professionals will help you design, create and deliver an unequalled sound and picture experience.

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